Clinic Management System

The primary objective of independent medical practices is to move patients through the practice efficiently and easily. Research indicates managing cost effectiveness while maintaining practice growth and patient satisfaction is one of the biggest challenges faced by small clinics. Eventually, rapid growth in number of patients without adequate scale up of supporting systems induces gaps leading to poor service to patients, longer AR cycles with insurers and inefficient operations.

nanoton technologies brings to its clients the “Clinic Management System” that will transform the clinic and independent medical practices operate. Clinic Management System solution aims to simplify the workflow, streamline patient lifecycle at the clinic, produce accurate claims and reduce no shows.

Maintaining a strong control over administrative tasks like appointment scheduling, drug and commodity inventory, accounting and Human Resource Management (HRM) is now just a click away. Clinic Management System ensures that the medical practitioners focus on their primary objectives of providing timely and quality medical treatment to the patients in an unhindered manner.